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Steri-Clean Colorado’s Philosophy

Working with Victims of Violent Crime

  • We believe every victim is different. We work closely with the family to understand the situation, attempting to put them at ease during this horrible time. This means sometimes we need to sit and talk with them about their dog, other times it may mean we are in and out as quiet professionals.
  • We are prepared to calmly interact with all of our clients and understand it is common for victims to be upset or express anger as they experience a horrible event.
  • We try to put ourselves in victim’s shoes, even though that is impossible. We treat them as we would want to be treated. We listen, provide support, speak with compassion, and restore their homes so that they may restore their lives.
  • We make safety and the best interests of our client paramount.
  • We focus on the overall situation and not just the physical cleanup. This may mean that we clean out the refrigerator because no one will be in the house for an extended period. Or we need to search for cellphones so people can stay connected. Sometimes we have to search for vital records, wills, or IDs.
  • We develop our pricing to be fair regardless of financial standing or insurance coverage. We work with insurance companies and property owners to make this as easy as possible. A proper cleanup is often the first step in overcoming a tragedy and should not increase stress.
  • We make decisions that facilitate trust in our work, a quality reputation, and enhances the longevity of Steri-Clean Colorado.


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