Steri-Clean Colorado: Our Personalized Hoarding Cleanup Process Outline

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When you or a loved one are in critical need of a hoarding cleanup the process of asking for help can often feel uncomfortable and intimidating. Many people in need of hoarding cleanup don’t understand what the process looks like when hiring a professional hoarding cleanup company.

Steri-Clean Colorado understands that cleaning a home is about more than just throwing things away. We personalize our approach to each individual situation. We understand each hoarding cleanup is completely different and deserves personalized care. Every hoarding cleanup is conducted with attention to detail, compassion and care. Our goal is always for you to get back to your life in the home you love.

Our Personalized Hoarding Cleanup Process Outline

From Fort Collins to Pueblo and every city in between, Steri-Clean Colorado is the expert in dealing with hoarding situations. We address clutter in a way that allows the individual to work through the challenges of moving forward.  

The process to declutter a hoard can be tremendously challenging. That’s why we have a very specific, personalized approach to helping you or a loved one with any type of hoarding cleanup.  This approach addresses not only the mental and emotional aspects of a hoarding cleanup but also the physical aspects of the clean up.  

Our hoarding cleanup process starts with a simple phone call. This conversation allows us to better understand your situation, how you got to where you are and what you are trying to accomplish with your space. This gives us context to what type of hoarding cleanup that’s needed.

After the initial call, we come to your home to do a free estimate. This is the stage many people are concerned about. In many cases they are embarrassed or ashamed of letting their life get to this point.  The important thing to remember is we are immensely discreet, professional and compassionate.

We are 100% non-judgemental! We understand your situation and understand our goal is to help get your life back on track by providing a clean environment to live in. We help you take the strides to restore your home to a safe and functional home.  

This estimate allows us to get to know you, your goals, concerns that may be holding you back or getting in the way of your new life.

In addition, it allows you to get to know us.  We will be in your home working with you to declutter. You need to know and trust any hoarding cleanup company you hire for this decluttering process to be successful.  

We tell all of our customers this process can be overwhelming and exhausting both mentally and physically. We will push you out of your comfort zone but we will do it with care and compassion.

After the estimate we schedule the clean up and get to work.  Depending on the size of the home, the willingness of the hoarder, the amount of items to be disposed, and several other factors these jobs can take typically from one day to one week.  

All of our hoarding technicians at Steri-Clean Colorado are trained in a decision making hierarchy to ensure we are able to work with our clients best interest.  

This hierarchy has us sorting for items that have value that is either financial, legal or general. Read our hoarding cleanup blog on how we found thousands of dollars during a hoarding clean.

Important items found could be money, passports, car titles, etc.  We also are looking for items of probable sentimental meaning such as  sports awards, family photographs or that autographed sports item from your favorite Colorado Athlete.

Finally we work with the homeowner to understand any items they have lost or that need to stay or need to be disposed of. Thanks to a thorough process, quality training and great team members we can work efficiently, saving the customer money while protecting the important items in their homes.

What’s The Post Hoarding Cleanup Process Look Like?

Once the hoarding cleanup is complete we help the individual with aftercare. The first night in the new home can be challenging. That’s why we have a network of resources including therapists and a free online support group that meets twice a week which makes it easier for people across Colorado to take advantage of the help.

We understand the aftercare process is an important piece in helping the hoarder not get into this spot again. This is why Steri-Clean Colorado pays for the first session with a therapist for our hoarding clients.

Finally, if the client needs ongoing touch-ups or maintenance cleaning we can help you maintain your restored home so you don’t get into this situation again.

Wherever you are in Colorado call on the experts at Steri-Clean Colorado to help you restore your home and life! We can offer thorough assistance in any hoarding cleanup situation – large or small.

Call us today and let us take care of ANY hoarding cleanup situation you have!

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