COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is shaping the way we live every day. Our team of Denver based, highly skilled professionals use a multi-step cleaning and disinfection method that is then tested for efficacy. We work across Colorado in healthcare settings, government buildings, commercial buildings, residences and vehicles.

Beyond just the standard outbreak mitigation, we want to help you reduce the risk of transmission in your facility. We have been doing infectious disease control for years. We did not just start this service because of the pandemic. Steri-Clean Colorado works with our commercial cleaning division, AWR Services LLC to help you get the most effective results out of your existing spend and resources. We want to help you reduce the risk of transmission within your Colorado based facilities, but if you do have an outbreak we can get your facility back up and running safely and quickly.

What is COVID-19 / Coronavirus?

Outbreak Response Process

STEP 1 – In full protective gear, our teams clean all surfaces with EPA registered disinfectant/cleaner to remove invisible biofilms (clusters of microorganisms found on all high touch surfaces). This is the most important part of the process and is typically skipped by non-trained companies.  Surfaces CANNOT be disinfected without the removal of these biofilms.

STEP 2 – *ATP Surface testing to assure biofilm removal, assuring surfaces are ready for disinfectant application.

STEP 3 – An EPA-registered disinfectant, with the emerging pathogen kill claim is applied again, and the surfaces are kept wet for the proper dwell time. Application methods include:

  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Foggers
  • Powered and Mechanical Sprayers

STEP 4 – Final *ATP surface samples taken to assure final cleanliness.

*The efficacy of our services are measured objectively through our utilization of adenosine triphosphate (ATP) measurement technology. Adenosine triphosphate is an organic chemical found in all life forms.  ATP testing is a rapid measurement system used to assess the cleanliness of surfaces. Steri-Clean conducts this testing pre and post cleaning/disinfection and will provide test results following job completion to demonstrate the effectiveness of our services.

How can Steri-Clean Colorado help you with the Coronavirus?

Now that the Coronavirus is in Denver, Steri-Clean Colorado can serve as a key player in helping you keep your environment safe. We can help in two ways: treatment before the Coronavirus hits and mitigation once an outbreak has been identified. We use state of the art technology, effective protocols and the most effective, yet safe chemistry to help clean and disinfect your home or office. We pride ourselves in keeping people in Colorado safe from the Coronavirus and other pathogens.