11,000 Reasons to Choose Steri-Clean Colorado Instead of a Junk Hauler

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“My aunt didn’t have anything.  Don’t bother sorting her place. Everything is just junk!”  Adam insisted when he hired Steri-Clean Colorado to clean out his aunt’s hoarded Denver home after her death.  

By lunchtime on the first day of work we found over $5000 in cash throughout this hoarded house. Our crew was on a treasure hunt finding $50 and $100 bills EVERYWHERE!  Money was stashed in books, drawers, even garbage bags full of dirty tissues! When Adam found out he was astonished at what we were finding in this dirty, cramped, Denver home.

Since we’re hoarding remediation professionals, we didn’t just junk everything in her home. Although the home may be hoarded, it’s still a home at its core and our job is to restore it back to normalcy.

We understand the psychology of hoarding and how hoarders conceal their true situation from family and friends. When cleaning up a hoarded home we work with the same urgency and diligence whether or not the homeowner is present. Not only do we have to be effective with our remediation process, we have to work with empathy with every hoard situation.

The professionals at Steri-Clean Colorado, who specialize in cleaning up hoarded homes, take a comprehensive approach to projects.  It’s not about trashing everything in a home. When working with a homeowner, hoarding remediation professionals understand the need for a few different things.

Our Hoarding Remediation Cleanup Checklist

  • Pre-work to understand how the client got to this point.
  • Motivation to help them get through the overwhelming work of sorting and making decisions.
  • The cleanup; sort, organize, or remove (whether it’s to donate, sell, recycle, shred, or trash).
  • Restoration of the home to a safe and functional space, this often includes removal of dangerous rodent droppings and disinfection.

When helping a hoarder (whether or not they are involved in the cleanup) it’s important to hire a company that understands hoarding as a mental illness. We hear clients say, “since my loved one has passed away, you don’t need to worry about understanding their mentality.”  In these situations, understanding hoarding is even MORE important. Especially if you want to find and protect any assets in the physical estate!

When the hoarder is alive, they know where the valuable items are in the home. Once they are gone no one may know where to find hidden items. By understanding the mental state of a hoarder, our hoarding cleanup professionals are diligent when completing the sorting process and will increase the odds of finding items that may be hidden in the home.  

So…you’re probably wondering what is the final tally on the money we found in Adams house?

We found over $11,000 in cash, several life insurance policies worth over $80,000, collectible coins and silver worth tens of thousands of dollars and boxes of family heirlooms and pictures that are priceless!

Based on some of the interesting items we found in the home, we wish we could have met Aunt Julie. Unfortunately, in this situation, that’s not possible.  However, we are proud that Steri-Clean Colorado was able to protect her estate and her legacy for her family.

Do you know someone in need of hoarding cleanup help? Call us today today for a free phone quote. Zero pressure, zero judgement.

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