A simple visual of Coronavirus/COVID-19 Data in Colorado

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Coronavirus Trend in Colorado

Visual Trend of Coronavirus/COVID-19 in Colorado

For the last 8 weeks I have been preparing my company to respond to the Coronavirus in the way we know how…cleaning and application of disinfectants.  We have spent an unbelievable amount of time preparing additional staff, buying more tools, PPE and disinfectants to ensure that as the pandemic continues we are positioned to help businesses, schools, municipalities…you name it…respond to this challenge in a safe and effective way.

Through this time, we have provided free advice to existing janitorial staffs to help these facilities ensure that they are cleaning for health rather than just to make the place look pretty.  Our goal is to help our customers minimize the risk of transmission preemptively, while standing ready to help them if an outbreak does occur.

As someone elbow deep in cleaning and disinfection for the Coronavirus I watch the Colorado Department of Health’s website religiously to understand the trend of the pandemic in Colorado.  As a data guy and a visual guy, I would like to watch how the pandemic is progressing over time.  While the website is a treasure trove of information, I wanted to see a trend overtime of some specific, basic information…# of people tested, # of cases, hospitalizations and deaths.  So…I have compiled the Colorado Department of Health information in a way that helps me watch the trend.

I am not professing to be an epidemiologist nor will I make any heavy, deep and real forecasts or statements.  Rather, looking at the trend is interesting to me.  If you are in Colorado and interested in watching the Coronavirus/COVID-19 trend overtime, please check this out or pass it on to friends.  I will do my best to update it daily….

Lastly, I may chime in with comments that seem interesting to me.  I would love to hear any thoughts you all have about how this progresses over time….

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