When You Need to Call a Biohazard Cleanup Company

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Biohazard cleanup covers a large range of incidents that can impact the health of the public, animals, and the environment. There are obvious times when a biohazard cleanup company needs to be called, such as at the scene of a violent crime, when infectious contaminants have accidentally been released, or when companies have accidents that can impact public health.

What people often don’t think about is how biohazards can happen in the very homes they live in, but these contaminants can be every bit as dangerous. They may not be as impactful as a large scale problem, but to the inhabitants and any pets or visitors who come into contact with the biohazard, they can be very damaging to their health. Some contaminants, such as Hepatitis in blood, can live for up to seven days if not properly cleaned and disinfected.

Sewage Line Backup

One problem that homeowners can have is when a sewage line backs up. When this happens, urine, feces, and used toilet paper remnants can get into the home and all of these can carry disease. If the problem isn’t caught in time, the sewage can leak into the home and seep into carpet, underneath the flooring, and even get into drywall and end up discoloring walls. While the sewage itself can be cleaned up with a bucket and mop, any infectious diseases can still live on any materials they came into contact with. A biohazard cleanup company uses specific cleaners and disinfectants, depending on what the sewage came into contact with, to restore the home back to a safe, healthy place to live.

Unexpected Deaths and Suicide

Unexpected deaths and suicide are something all too many families have to face. When a person dies, there are several stages the body goes through as it begins to break down through the natural decaying process. If a body isn’t found right away, many of the fluids begin to settle to the lowest point in the body and as the tissue begins to decay, the fluids can seep down to this point and out onto whatever the body is on top of. These fluids can contain a host of diseases and must be properly cleaned up to ensure the area is once again safe for any inhabitants.

Cleaning up after a loved one has died can also be difficult emotionally, due to the sight and smell. Most people are already grieving and the last thing they want to do is clean the area where their loved one has died. A quality biohazard company employs staff that are discreet, empathetic, and trained to make as little impact as possible. They understand how difficult this can be for a family and they clean up the area quickly and to standards as set forth by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They get the home back to how it looked prior to the death quickly so the family can continue the grieving process without having to worry about cleaning up any mess.

Rodent or Bird droppings

As cities grow and people move to congested area rat populations increase.  Loss of open space and the building of buildings create a situation where rodents will push into areas inhabited by humans.  In fact, Orkin has dubbed Denver as one of the top 10 “rattiest cities” in the country.  With these rodents can come serious issues such as the Hanta Virus.  Additionally, pigeons and Bats can carry dangerous microbials such as Histoplasmosis in their droppings.

Cleaning up these disgusting messes is not for the faint of heart or unprepared, untrained people.  It is vital that appropriate PPE is worn and cleaners and disinfectants are used.  Call on a professional to make your home or office sanitary and disinfected.

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