Biohazard Decontamination Services and Hoarding Clean Up

Steri-Clean Colorado is your best choice for biohazard decontamination and hoarding clean up in the Denver Metro Area, the Front Range and Western Slope. Our highest priority is for our caring staff to help you return your home to safe, sanitary, livable conditions.

Steri-Clean sets the gold standard for safety and process in these highly challenging cleaning situations. Because of the harmful nature of contaminants & biohazardous material, some bacteria and viruses from human or animal bodily fluids can live for up to 90 days. In order to avoid risk of illness or disease, our team properly disposes of all affected materials and cleans all surfaces with medical-grade disinfectants in accordance with EPA standards.

Our highly skilled team is trained to clean and sanitize various types of biohazard contaminants and other challenging cleaning situations where sterilization is required. We work with your family in extreme cases of hoarding, suicide, homicide and body decomposition clean up or animal and rodent infestations. We arrive in unmarked vans to ensure anonymity and discretion.

Decontamination Services

If you’ve discovered animal or rodent waste and droppings in your home you must contact the professionals at Steri-Clean Colorado for help. This waste can be harmful and cause dangerous diseases if not handled properly. Our team is professionally trained and we follow EPA standards and use hospital-grade cleaning agents to ensure that all traces of harmful contaminants are removed. Some of the illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses from rodent or animal infestations include but are not limited to:

  • Histoplasmosis from bird or bat droppings and waste
  • Hantavirus infection from mouse droppings and waste
  • Toxoplasmosis from cat droppings and waste
  • E. coli infection from human fecal matter
  • Norovirus or gastroenteritis from contaminated food products

Biohazard Clean Up Services

If you or your home is in need of biohazard decontamination services, please contact Steri-Clean Colorado right away. There are types of biohazard contaminants that require special tools, safety precautions and medical-grade cleaners to be removed. Our team professionally handles the cleanup of body fluids and other hazards resulting from an unattended death or injury in the home, death or suicide. We are also trained to sterilize homes or businesses with identified biocontaminants (super bugs) like MRSA or C. diff. Our team understands that this can be a very challenging time for families. The team at Steri-Clean is professionally trained to sterilize and clean challenging situations so that you can focus on what really matters. Our clients are our top priority and we are here to help you through these difficult situations.

Crime Clean Up Services

Steri-Clean is Colorado’s choice for crime scene clean up. If you or your home has experienced any sort of traumatic death or accident that requires more than standard clean up processes, please contact us right away. Not only is cleaning your home after the fact traumatic, it can also be hazardous to your health. That is why customer service is our top priority – we are here to help you clean and sanitize your home so you can handle other needs and arrangements and begin your path to recovery.

Police Services

Steri-Clean also specializes in working with public safety departments, providing services to law enforcement, public health and emergency services.  Aside from working with families in the home (in the case of unattended death or hoarding clean up), we also provide professional services in commercial spaces.  We are professionally trained to work with law enforcement vehicles or labs in need of biohazard decontamination.

We can help!

If your home or business is in need of biohazard decontamination, crime scene or hoarding clean up services, please contact Steri-Clean Colorado today. Our team of professionals will help you along the path to recovery. We are available 24/7 to take your calls.